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The main goal in mind (for the moment) is interaction.

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I was having a very boring day when I got this, so I made sure my anti-virus was working and then I clicked on it. It gave the impression that the creators just BARELY gave a shit about making it look professional.

But I was here now, and I was very, very curious to see what "Normal People" get their rocks off to. The page didn't seem to link to anywhere else, and I was about to leave when I noticed every word of the rant was its own hyperlink. ;-) Don't forget to get your Condo Cams Fun Meter Button! You can PEEK into all kinds of peoples lives and see what they are doing. If you have a webcam website, please let us know you would like to get in on the action and have your own camera preview page set up on Condo Cams. I've seen quite a few things I don't care to admit to, but one thing that I'll always remember is a site called "".The first strange thing about the site was that I didn't find it by actually looking for it. The e-mail was as follows: Pretty standard issue chain letter, although the url and the last remark really piqued my curiosity.

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