Intimidating names for baseball

Because of this, lefthander Bill Lee, with whom Zimmer often sparred, gave him the name Gerbil. Bill Lee And speaking of Lee, it wasn’t as though he was a mental giant himself.

The lefthander’s outrageous, often irreverent personality and his fearless rhetoric earned him the name Spaceman, allegedly, from John Kennedy (the Red Sox utility infielder, not the former President).

With a large pool to choose from, I decided to narrow it down to the best 50 Mi LB team names out there.

Let's kick this off with a fun fact: Every team except one in the Atlanta Braves' organization is names the "Braves".

Arietta World Peace – If a psychotic NBA player can do it, why can’t one of the best pitchers in baseball? John Jacob Jingleheimer Goldschmidt – A handful, but memorable.

Here are a few unique team names to try when you’re starting your next team or league!

Bigly Chew – This would be a top seller in Donald Trump’s sick world. Game Of Gomes – This used to be a Jonny Gomes callout, but now we throw it over to Cleveland Indians catcher Yan Gomes. Law & Schwarber – Not quite as good as Luol & Order. Hold The Odor – Jose Bautista didn’t and look what happened to him.

Hakuna Moncada – It might not be “no worries” for the Boston Red Sox after giving up top prospect Yoan Moncada, even if it was for ace Chris Sale.

At least four new acquisitions prove that Oakland is trying not only to improve on the field, but also to monopolize the market on the sport's best names. But when you consider Burns is also a player , hasn't pitched in the Majors -- it's unclear if he'll start 2016 with the A's or in the Minors -- but he's on the 40-man roster, and we couldn't leave him off.

Coming up with youth baseball team names can be difficult.

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