The asp net counters are not updating

NET applications, what thresholds should be set in order to alert administrators to problems, and other resources that can be used to monitor the health of an ASP. (17 printed pages) Download the source code for this article. At a minimum, the following performance counters should be monitored for Microsoft® ASP.

However, some code paths rely on exceptions for proper functioning.

NET 4.5 on a Windows Web Server 2008 R2, some performance counters shows the wrong values.

I'm using the built in Performance Monitor and looking at the group ASP. The workaround for this issue is to execute below commands from 4.5 installed directory, (e.g. Net\Framework64\v4.0.30319”) Thanks Luke and Rolando for your comments.

NET Apps v4.0.30319 for counters Anonymous Requests/Sec and Requests Executing. In the mean time it will be great if you can file a connect bug and let me know the id of the connect bug. I have updated links in my answer with framework updates on Windows8 and Windows7 platforms.

Before those values reflected the current load with fluctuating values, but now they instead increases for each request, so they behave more like Total Requests and Total Requests Executing. this will give you proper credit of reporting the bug when it will be fixed.

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