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After all, it is a common expression to hear "all is fair in love and war". Is it ok or even beneficial to be persuasive or influential? Does "everybody" manipulate a little anyway, in their initial hiding of embarrassing secrets, embellishment of strengths, and use of makeup, nice suits, or push-up bras? Is it only appropriate to be serious, authentic, and display our true selves for the judgment of potential dating partners? On one hand, during my weekend, I found people who approved of the use of indirect influence techniques to get a date.They (primarily women) thought such techniques were fun, flirty, and cute. No last names, no shared locations I feel very safe using it.

I find that once you match with someone, it's easier to start a conversation based on a few likes and dislikes than to start one on Tinder where you have some awkward sexual innuendo in a bio.They also saw nothing wrong with using such indirect methods.Essentially, they fell into the "all is fair" group. I love swiping through the different topics and being able to see other people hates/loves. I told my self I would never download a dating app but I heard about this one and it sounded so fun!

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