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In Uganda, child marriage is often a result of poverty.

Marrying them off to a warlord or other authority figure is seen as a form of protection.

It's no surprise that her music idols are women like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, who have made videos that are far more risque than Kansiime's. “When I was making that video I never intended it for children, I intended it for adults.

Indeed, we're so familiar with the argument over pop stars' videos being 'inappropriate' that it would be tempting to overlook this case. I did not sell or distribute the song,” Kansiime told AFP.

Bride price can also a motivation for parents: a younger bride means a higher bride price for the family.

Limited access to education for girls and traditional and social norms which dictate that girls are married at a young age in order to fulfil their role as a wife and mother, play a role too.

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