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Her support for expanded access to health care dates to her teen years."I was with a woman in Becker County last week who talked about how important Minnesota Care has been to her family," Quam says in a Q&A with me.But before your insurance company can end your coverage, you have a short period of time to pay called a “grace period.” The health insurance grace period is usually 90 days — if both of the following are true: Note: If you don’t qualify for a premium tax credit, your grace period may be different.Contact your State Department of Insurance for information on grace periods in your state. 1 insurer United Health Group has lobbied hard against a public option and is heavily influencing the health-care reform debate, former division executive Lois Quam says a public option "makes a lot of sense" and has a place in reform efforts.Quam, who left the Minnetonka-based behemoth in 2007 after an 18-year stretch, chaired the commission that created Minnesota Care, the insurance program for low-income residents."And I hear from people, age 61, 62, 63, who really wish they were 65 and they could get into Medicare.

Options Backdating The essence of the options backdating scandal can be summarized simply as executives falsifying documents in order to earn more money by deceiving regulators, shareholders and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

It’s important to pay your monthly health insurance premium in full to your insurance company — not the Health Insurance Marketplace — by the due date.

Your health insurance company could end your coverage if you fall behind on your monthly premiums.

Several companies have expressed their intent to restate financial statements due to option timing issues, and opportunistic attorneys have already filed derivative and class action lawsuits.

The author of the academic study who is credited with focusing regulators on this issue estimates that at least 10% of “at-the-money” grants of options to CEOs between 19—before Sarbanes-Oxley shortened the reporting period for option grants—were backdated.

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