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An executive at Bloomberg confirmed the e-mail’s contents.

“We provide this information to firms at their request so they can meet legal and compliance requirements,” Ty Trippet, a spokesman for Bloomberg, told The Post.

Kuyateh has prior convictions for domestic violence and criminal damage.

He was arrested on July 25 at his home near 99th Avenue and Mc Dowell Road for domestic violence and unlawful distributing of images in the incident.

After the pair broke up, they both attended a mutual friend's wedding — each with their own dates.

Witnesses reported that Kuyateh "became irate" and later posted the screenshots in an online wedding chat room.

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Investigators say Kuyateh's face is seen on the smaller screen on the screen shot image.

Witnesses who created the chat room immediately kicked Kuyateh out of the room, once the pictures were posted.

Compliance officers at Wall Street firms, in order to police employees at their firm, do have the ability to get unmasked transcripts of any Bloomberg chat.

But they are required to keep the info confidential.

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