Qt progress bar not updating

Progress Bar percent variable not working since 4.12 Widget Progress Bar Issue Progress Bar Marquee Tint is not working.The QProgress Bar widget provides a horizontal or vertical progress bar.Directly from the source code tree - this is a local compile on Linux.One of the example torrents with the issue has a current ratio of 0.56, so the split should be nearly right down the middle.

Not sure how to report against a closed issue, can someone reopen? Are you sure you're looking at torrents with a seed bar? torrents with no seed ratio limit will not show a seed bar.Rodney But it does show in Firefox 10.0.2 (which is the only I've tested). I've always had a seed ratio limit of 1, and it shows 8 days remaining, so I'm taking it as read that it's being honored (it has been for all other torrents).I can reliably reproduce this at will with any browser.There will be a new simpler API with the bar_format PR that is coming, you won't have to reimplement everything, just the GUI display and callbacks to tqdm.The matplotlib example is a very integrated example so it's very efficient, the callback API will be less efficient but it will be simpler. 2016-10-28 GMT Antony Lee [email protected]: I looked into _tqdm_and it seems that there is a lot of things being done there that may or may not be relevant to my case.

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