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php BB 3.1.6 php BB 3.1.7 pl1 So the issue does exist, Now the question is why?Tmod Ok found the file and code that was causing the issue for me. When I commented out the code below the "Can view the portal" option returned in 3.1.7 pl1.See the link below to download additional language packs. If updating from php BB 3.1.x then please see our guide for the recommended updating method. To update from a previous version of php BB 3.2.x please follow the update guide.If updating from php BB 3.0.x then please see our guide for the recommended updating method.It’s one of the best seamless forum CMSs out there — and to top it all, it’s free and open source, so we can customise it to our heart’s content. Head over to the download page of php BB, and download the software.Let’s use our favourite package manager (mine is Synaptic) to install AMP: . It’s a tiny zip file, not more than 2 MB — sweet things come in small packages!Meantioned usernames can be automatically colored in their username color. View Extension How do you know whether or not the person who has just signed up for your board signed up just to spam it?

This package should only be used if you are familiar and confident with patching.View Extension Replace php BB3's BBCode buttons with icons in an attractive and customizable toolbar.This extension also adds many new and useful custom BBCodes giving users more ways to customize their posts, including BBvideo (embed videos from dozens of media sites).Extension lists of all registered users who have visited the board in the last 24 hours as well as lists stats on the number of new posts, new topics and new users within the last 24 hours View Extension Allows users to mention other users in posts.If a user is mentioned, he will recieve a notification unless he deactivated this notification.

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