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I won’t divulge the words that spilled out of my mouth as I tried to sync my sparsely populated i Tunes library (literally about 3 songs I’d imported specifically for this task) with brand new i Phone 5.The i Phone that I’d restored from a backup using this very Mac, and a device that had a total of 0 songs onboard.From home or the office, even the beach, you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind provided by the award-winning RTi Panel app.Learn More In the boardroom, time is money and excellence is expected.

Misplaced brand loyalty – or brand disloyalty as it sometimes manifests itself – is a game I gave up on long ago.Now you can operate all your electronics quickly and intuitively with one touch, via RTI system controllers, your smart phone, tablet or PC.Learn More The RTi Panel App allows remote control and monitoring from virtually anywhere.Die Theorie dahinter nennt sich Harmonic Mixing und bietet genügend Stoff für ein ganzes Kapitel oder gar ein Buch, hier bleiben wir dabei, dass im ersten Schritt die Tonart bzw.der Key eines jeden Tracks herausgefunden werden soll, bevor wir diesen in i Tunes importieren.

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