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Miami cool is the name that Cuban painter Luis Enrique Camejo has chosen for an exhibition that will be on display until the end of May at the Pan American Art Projects.

The gallery is opening its doors for the second time to the work of this artist, who uses the recurring icon of cities.

Since then, he has worked as a photographer for the Sunday Observer, Time Out magazine (as a design and photo-editor) and has been featured in various books.

“I use the city as a symbol of the place where human beings develop, work, think, love, and make philosophy and art.” Every city has its characteristics, he notes, but in his work, they are all treated equally because “in Stockholm, Hong Kong or New York, the human beings who inhabit them share similar pain, nostalgia and longing.” The cities that he depicts (absolutely all of them) are monochromatic, and according to what he told On Cuba in an exclusive interview, “the idea of working with a single color has the purpose of affecting the viewer and awakening certain sensations.” This process of choosing the tone is very intuitive, and arises from what he feels when he visits a given place.In fact, he confesses that his studio/workshop –located on Infanta street in the working-class, clamorous municipality of Cerro, in the Cuban capital– does not have a single easel, palette or thin brush.“I paint with large brooms that are the same size as two paintbrushes, and I use basins and buckets for mixing colors, and then I apply solvents that turn the paint into liquid.The idea for the exhibition of 21 pieces came about in 2011 during the painter’s first visit to Miami: “They are all real images of Miami,” and each captures a perfectly recognizable place.Camejo (Pinar del Río, 1971) paints large; that is, he feels “more comfortable” working with large-format paintings.

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He started street photography long before he realized that there was a unique genre for what he was doing.

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