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Both consider themselves very religious and spiritual people and describe their relationship as God-centered.Brandon, a Texas A&M alum, is now a model and has lived in various big cities, including New York, Miami and Houston, while Nicole currently lives in Los Angeles and is pursuing an acting career.Season 6's initial drawing point was the Hotter and Sexier cast, including a former Playboy Playmate, fitness trainers, professional wrestlers, and the prerequisite models and actors.Though it might have the most attractive cast ever, all of the friend and family teams were eliminated early on, meaning the top 6 teams were made up entirely of young couples, and that meant there was fighting... With five of the top six teams constantly at each others' throats, the highest concentration of equalizers of any season of the show, and one of the most hated winners ever, it's easy to say that it is not one of the more popular seasons.

Jenn Lee (see bikini pics below) says she hooked up with Ortiz back in June to work on her strength and conditioning for the race around the world ... In fact, she's STILL training with the guy even though the show's in the can ...Dating models, and one of the most hated winners ever.For the most part, they were bland and under-the-radar, but quickly earned the ire of the fans when Kendra started insulting every culture they visited, saying that Sri Lanka smelled and that the people in Africa kept "breeding and breeding." In comparison, Freddy was less offensive, but nowhere near likable enough to make up for Kendra's ugliness.As reigning Miss Texas, she was there to model a new bridal gown, while Brandon was there as her escort on the runway.Right after the bridal show ended, Brandon got her telephone number, and they've been dating ever since.

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Hosted by Derek Ramsay, the show has gained a big following in the country.

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