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How do you rise above the din and provide a personalized buying experience throughout the customer lifecycle? 2015 was the best year yet here at Click Desk and it was only possible because of you, our customers.

It’s been great to hear all of your stories about how engaging with customers in real time has taken your business to the next level, and our dev team is thankful for the suggestions you’ve made about ways to improve the product even more.

Although Michael’s live on-line debut didn’t significantly boost HIStory‘s sales, it drew more than 25,000 participants worldwide (besting Sandra Bullock’s record of 2,035) in an event marketed as the first ”simulchat” (hosted by on-line services America On line, Compu Serve, and Prodigy; and accessible on the Internet).

MTV concurrently aired Jackson videos, occasionally splitting the screen to show AOL’s transcript text.

Unfortunately I don’t know anyone else who uses Mega, so I had to chat with a toy womble instead. What I cannot vouch for, of course, is whether Mega Chat did a good enough job of ensuring that the conversation was secured and end-to-end encrypted.

It would be great if it was, because increasingly politicians like UK Prime Minister David Cameron are raising the stakes, calling for end-to-end secure messaging to be outlawed if there are no backdoors through which law enforcement can access what is being said.

In addition to text Omegle chats with strangers, Omegle offers two other chat options: video chat and stealth topic based chat.Live chat software has the potential to turn any small business into a thriving enterprise, whether you’re selling hats with pictures of your dog on them, or advanced B2B Saa S tools (or Saa S tools for puppies, if that’s your thing).But customers are increasingly bombarded by information and advertisements from all directions, including the smartphones in their pockets and the retargeting ads in their browser.Omegle is a free website that allows anyone who visits it to chat with strangers.A simple click of the mouse takes users to a virtual chat room where they are paired up with another random user waiting to chat.

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One also has to wonder how businesses would feel operating from a country where secure messaging cannot be guaranteed.

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