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Users are anonymous and protected by a raft of privacy features baked directly into the Tor browser, which is the browser used to access it.That leaves law enforcement not knowing where the websites are, who owns them, who uses them or who to arrest. The reality is that while it’s hard to see in the dark, it’s not impossible to find things and over the last few years plenty of people who thought that Tor was a cloak of invisibility have come a cropper.The people trying to hide on the Dark Web occasionally open doors that let the light come flooding in, bump in to the person chasing them or accidentally annoy organisations that happen to own very powerful torches.

It then asks the user to pay in order to decrypt these files.

But according to Google, hackers have not yet tapped that information and stolen it.

The massive hack appears to be a criminal enrichment scheme.

Unlike Prisma, which keeps the content of a source photo but changes the style, Face App looks to change the content while maintaining photorealism. And if you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like as the opposite sex (I mean, who hasn’t? This isn’t some simple copy-and-paste Photoshop job.

Available now as a free download for i OS and Android, Face App currently offers six filters: Smile, Hot, Young, Old, Male, and Female. That said, it’s impossible to know things like what your smile actually looks like if you’re not smiling in the original photo.

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